Welcome to Meica! Managed by the fourth generation, Meica has his home in Edewecht, Lower Saxony, since 1908. From here, Meica delivers its products, manufactured with care and in the best quality, to around 30 countries. Everyone knows that Meica makes sausages: With the well-known brands Deutschländer, Mini Wini and Trueman's, Meica is the market leader for canned sausages and produces the most successful curry sausage in food retail - the Curry King as well as the popular Bratmaxe range. Stews and kale products complete the Meica range.

But we are about more than just products - our vision is that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy hearty meals and snacks that give you a feeling of warmth and security. This is the vision that all Meica employees strive for, work with and act upon, and we are proud that the trust in our brands and products is passed down from generation to generation.

About us

  • 2021

    In 2021, Meica expands its vegetarian variety and introduces the Trueman's vegetarian hot dog sausage. This means that vegetarians and flexitarians can enjoy a hearty hot dog.

  • 2019

    Meica is celebrating its 111th anniversary: ​​when company founder Fritz Meinen set up the business in 1908, he would never have dreamed that his sausages would one day be among the most popular in Germany. But even back then he knew what matters most: ingredients of the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship in the production process.

    111 years on, we at Meica still stand for these values ​​and use no additives such as flavour enhancers, colourants or phosphates in our sausages. Our anniversary Wieners sausages are our little thank you to our customers for 111 years of trust and loyalty.

  • 2017

    The Curry King brand is growing and now includes the new varieties “Frikos“ and “Pulled Pork Snack”, which unites the street food trend with a convenient microwave snack. 
    What is more, the popular “Eintopf-Tradition” stew range is relaunched under the “Volle Kelle” brand name, with a modified, modern packaging design. And this is not all: we also have the new ravioli hotpot variety.

  • 2016

    For the 20th jubilee of the BRATMAXE brand, the sausage classic is given a whole new look.

  • 2015

    Based on the growing number of vegetarians and flexitarians (“flexible” + “vegetarians”), Meica expands its product range to also include vegetarian sausages, vegetarian hot dogs in glass jars and in fresh packs as well as a vegetarian Curry King.

  • 2014

    Hot, hot, hot! Our cult Curry King brand is now available extra spicy. With extra spicy curry powder and authentic little wooden fork. For all those who like it hot!

  • 2012

    The popular Meica sausages are now also available for smaller households in a handy-sized jar containing three crunchy sausages.

  • 2011

    Deutschländer Dicke is launched – the chunky sausage in best Meica quality and with the unique Deutschländer taste: crunchy, spicy and tender. The Curry King is expanded to also include a poultry variety.

  • 2009

    The King of Currywurst is now also available in a 400 g pack - Curry King XXL, the number one for big appetites everywhere!

  • 2008


    Meica celebrates its 100th jubilee. Since 1908 Meica has stood for the finest sausage quality, innovation, traditional craftsmanship and great-tasting crunchy sausages.

  • 2005

    Sufficient volumes of meat good enough to comply with Germany’s strict organic “Bio-Siegel” certification are now available to meet the needs of our company. This paves the way for the launch of Meica’s organic Wiener and Bockwurst.

  • 2002

    Meica elects the Kohlkönig! (Kale King). Kale, a popular north German delicacy, is now available for the very first time fresh out of the chilled foods cabinet. This is later joined by the Meica tradition of “Eintopf” products, featuring a range of hearty stew-based dishes also available from the chilled foods cabinet.

  • 2001

    Long Live The King: CurryKing, the ready-to-eat curry sausage from the chilled foods cabinet, is launched, garnering itself a huge fan community within a very short space of time. It has since been joined by the CurryKing XXL and the CurryKing 100% poultry. Like the original, each comes complete with added curry powder and wooden fork.

  • 1996

    Meica creates the BRATMAXE, a bratwurst the likes of which had never been seen before: crisp, succulent, and savoury. Today, the BRATMAXE is available in a selection of tasty versions, ensuring that Germany’s #1 for barbecue enjoyment is never short on variety.

  • 1994

    Launch of the popular "Trueman's" hot dog brand by Meica. Trueman´s American-style hot dogs are particularly tender and a firm favourite at all parties!

  • 1993

    What a success story! Combining the very best of Germany’s many different sausage varieties, the “Deutschländer” becomes Germany’s most popular sausage shortly after launch. Today, the product is also available as “Deutschländer Dicke”, a chunkier version of the original.

  • 1992

    Children have a mind – and a taste! - all of their own. Catering precisely to this taste are the Mini Wini cocktail sausages launched in 1992. Extra tender and milder in terms of flavour, these mini sausage links are quite simply a whole lot of fun to eat! Today, the Mini Wini range also includes tender Singles and varieties made from 100% poultry meat.

  • 1973

    Eating habits in Germany begin to change – and we adapt to reflect this trend. The year thus marks the appearance of Meica’s first beef sausages. With their fuller, spicier taste, they remain popular up to the present day.

  • 1960

    Now to be found on shelves as the “Kleine Knackzarte,” this line made its debut in 1960 as the “Original Ammerländer.” One of the very first branded sausages, it soon becomes a longstanding favourite in the Meica assortment.

  • 1908

    dewecht’s master butcher and farmer Fritz Meinen sets up his own business. News of the exceptional quality of his wares soon gets around, securing him rapid market success - not least due to his decision to draw on the Ammerland region’s longstanding farming traditions and artisanal skills.