To make our products taste as good as they do, all that is needed are just two things: prime raw materials and the ability to turn these into first-rate products. Especially important is the quality of the meat we use, which is sourced only from selected suppliers that we have been working with for many years. Naturally, the most exacting of inspections are standard procedure.


The high-quality ingredients are used to prepare our specialities in accordance with the traditional skills of the trade. Our soups, stews and ready meals, for example, are prepared the traditional way in a cooking vessel. And the “BRATMAXE Würz-Griller” is marinated by hand. Naturally, all products have to meet the strict standards set by our in-house quality management system. Additionally, our products are regularly monitored and awarded prizes by external certification and testing bodies.


To assure the very highest quality standards at all times, the origin of all raw materials we use is precisely known. In meat, where inspections of consignments are especially thorough, full traceability is assured for each individual item.


To ensure that you can enjoy Meica products without having to worry about possible food intolerances, please click here to download a list of allergens, as prescribed by statutory labelling requirements, for every single product: Download Table of allergens (PDF)

Quality assurance

We bear sole responsibility for both our manufacturing processes and products. This sense of responsibility goes far beyond the requirements prescribed by regulatory bodies, all of which are – naturally – also met:

Audited and Certified to IFS standards

Certified for exports to the USA

Certified pursuant to EC Eco-Regulations No. 848/2018

Full compliance with HACCP principles

Dispensing with any kind of flavour-enhancing additives, colorants, yeast-extract and phosphate in the manufacture of most of our products is, for Meica, a matter of principle. Further information of possible additives can be found on the packaging. Allergens please refer to the table of allergens or contact us.