Sustainability - Caring for tomorrow today

The key role played by sustainability in daily life is evident on our own doorstep right here in Ammerland. Local people have, in both their life and work, always been committed to handing down to coming generations the very best conditions on which to build for the future. Sustainability guides us in everything we do. Each and every day.

Energy, climate, environment

We value the resources we use and take a proactive approach to the task of reducing energy and water consumption, and of cutting emissions.

  • Deploying state-of-the-art technology at all times, we do far more than merely meet statutory requirements:
  • All investment decisions are made only after considering all aspects of energy efficiency.
  • Our staff are shown how to use resources as sparingly as possible and taught to act on these principles at all times.
  • We make use of advanced environmental technology processes such as heat recovery and water-saving cooking techniques.
  • Optimization of the recycling of recoverable materials enables us to avoid unnecessary waste and to conserve resources.
  • Gases produced using traditional smoking over beechwood are extracted by means of thermal afterburning and the energy thus gained is subsequently used as process heat.
  • We use water from our own wells in our production.
  • All our products are based on palm oil-free formulations.

Human resources

Excellently trained, committed, highly motivated, and satisfied staff are essential to the manufacture of our quality products. Providing the people at Meica with an attractive work environment and good job prospects is thus a central plank of our sustainability strategy. One indication of the success of this approach is the fact that 30% of our staff have been with the company for more than 25 years.

  • The very highest priority is given to security of employment and the creation of a correspondingly attractive workplace.
  • Every year, Meica offers young people training positions that introduce them to the varied nature of the job by taking them through the company’s many different sections and divisions.
  • We refuse to tolerate discrimination of whatever kind and promote a climate in which all staff work constructively with one another.

Corporate citizenship

Having produced in Edewecht for over a century, Meica maintains very close links to both the town and region. Not only are we one of the biggest employers - we also consider ourselves to be a part of the community.

  • Meica has set up a civic foundation designed to provide help for young people and to foster culture and the arts. Funding to secure the initial financial basis for the foundation’s work was provided by the company.
  • We support the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V., Germany’s federal association of soup kitchens, by supplying them with our products.
  • Many regional organizations regularly receive food from Meica for distribution to the needy.
  • Yet, for us, social responsibility also means preserving jobs in Germany. All items in the Meica range are therefore produced in Germany.