Frequently asked questions

Tips on preparation and storage

Sausages are heated in water at up to approx. 70°C for some 5 minutes (depending on size). Please do not boil! It is suggested that you add some of the flavoured liquid or brine from the jar or can.

It is suggested that the brine be added to the water as this makes the sausages taste even spicier after heating.

Yes. Many sausage-lovers prefer, in fact, to eat them cold rather than hot.

Upon taking a hot sausage out of the saucepan, the moisture on the skin will evaporate in a matter of seconds.

Sausages served with side dishes such as potato salad, pasta salad, vegetable salad or French fries make a complete main meal. If you would rather skip the side dish, we suggest that you enjoy the sausages with bread, mustard, or ketchup.

Yes – providing the jar has been kept in the fridge overnight. Jars that have already been opened should not, however, be kept in the fridge for longer than two days. It is important to top the jar up with water to ensure that all sausages are fully covered and do not dry out. Adding water does not cause the flavour to be impaired in any way.

Yes, the sausages can be placed in a freezer bag and frozen. However, they should not be stored in a freezer for longer than 3 months.

Meica products

Our range of “Meica”-branded organic products currently offers a choice of three items: organic wieners (6 = 250g) and organic Saft-Bockwürstchen (6 = 180g) in a jar. The products are made in full compliance with the European directives on organic products.

Since July 1, 2010, organic foodstuffs that are made in conformity with EU laws on organic farming may display the EU’s organic logo on their labels. Additionally, organic foodstuffs may also be labelled with the German government’s “Bio-Siegel” seal of approval, which has been in use since 2001. Organic products displaying the certifications named above offers consumers the guarantee that food was produced in compliance with prescribed organic standards, and the assurance that all producers in the organic sector are regularly inspected by specially appointed experts. Consumers can thus be sure that "organic on the label means organic inside.” After all, only farmers and food producers that abide by the provisions of the EU ecology directives, and agree to have the requisite inspections conducted, may call their wares organic or ecological, and put the “Bio-Siegel” on the label. (Source:

Yes, please try our beef sausages (“Rindswürstchen in Eigenhaut”), 6 pcs = 180 g in a jar. They contain no pork, no bacon, and no poultry meat.

Our range includes several products that are completely pork-free. In the case of sausages, the poultry sausages in natural skin (“Geflügel-Wiener im Saitling”) 6 pcs = 250g, poultry sausages 6 pcs = 180g, Trueman’s poultry ("Trueman's Geflügel") and Deutschländer poultry ("Deutschländer Geflügel") are made solely from poultry meat. The beef sausages (“Rindswürstchen”) 6 pcs = 180g are also pork-free. Additionally, the CurryKing is also available in a 100% poultry version.

Product declaration

The information on food packaging labels contains a full list of all ingredients used in the manufacture of the product. In accordance with the provisions of Germany’s food labelling laws, ingredients have to be listed in descending order by the amount contained in the respective product.

The combination of letters/numbers to be found on the lid is used for internal tracking purposes. Stamped onto the packaging during production, it enables us, the manufacturer, to identify where and when the product was made, thus assuring full traceability for all individual ingredients. If you ever, despite the many inspections our products go through, have cause for complaint, please do notify us. Additionally, you will find a further code on our jars and tins – the “Best before” (expiry) date. In tins, the expiry date is to be found on the lid, and on the label in the case of jars.

The drained weight is the weight of the sausages without that of the brine, i.e. the actual product weight. The weight as stated on the label, for its part, is the weight of the sausages inclusive of the brine.

About our vegetarian products

An increasing number of people are today choosing to reduce their consumption of meat or are completely vegetarian. With our new vegetarian products, you can choose either way yet still enjoy the great taste of Meica. We at Meica know what really distinguishes a good sausage: it must be high quality and, above all, it should taste delicious. This is our standard which we have been pursuing for more than 100 years. With this principle we, as Germany’s number one sausage brand, also want to make the best vegetarian sausages. Meica makes the sausage – now vegetarian, too!

We make the vegetarian Meica products here in Edewecht in a separate production room and the machines which are used here are used solely for vegetarian products. The packaging of the BRATMAXE Veggie Grillers and the Vegetarian Wieners in 2x2 fresh pack also occurs in this room. Our other vegetarian products are currently still being packaged using the equipment in the other rooms although this is thoroughly cleaned beforehand to ensure that the vegetarian products do not come into contact with meat.  

The V-Label is awarded by the Vegetarierbund Deutschland e.V. (German Vegetarian Association) and is an internationally protected brand. It labels vegetarian and vegan foods and serves as an orientation aid for consumers when buying instead of having to closely examine the list of ingredients.

No, genetically modified ingredients are not used in the manufacture of our vegetarian products (in accordance with directive (EC) No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003).

No, as the products contain egg white as well as lactose and milk protein. To ensure the full great taste we, unfortunately, (still) have to use some ingredients which are of animal origin and so these cannot be fully excluded.

They are available in all well-stocked supermarkets usually in the (chilled) vegetarian sections although they can also be found in the classic chilled section or by tinned foods.

Allergens can be found in the Meica allergens list. Nutritional values are given on the product side and packaging.